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History . . . background

In the Second World War the majority of Poles came to Britain as political emigres.  In 1940, with the fall of France, the exiled Polish President, Prime Minister and Polish Government, and at least 20,000 soldiers, settled in London.  Countless more soldiers and families settled in refugee camps throughout the UK.


When the Second World War ended, a communist government was installed in Poland.  Many Poles felt betrayed by their allies and were very reluctant to return home.


A great number of Poles were qualified people or high ranking soldiers but many of these qualifications were not recognised.  Consequently, the majority of Poles had to work in factories, coal mining or undertake manual labour.


A Polish community was founded in Wolverhampton during 1946-1948.  It quickly established itself to serve as a Parish for Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas.

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