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History . . . the beginnings

The first congregation was based at the Church of St.Peter and Paul's in North Street.  In 1948 the first elected Chairman of the Parish Council was Mr Jozef Korabiowski.  


During the mid fifties, the Polish community was rapidly expanding and needed more space to accommodate religious, social and cultural activities.  In 1955 the community relocated to rented premises based at St. Patrick's Hall, Littles Lane, Wolverhampton.


Membership of the Parish grew rapidly and in 1957, under the chaimanship of Mr Roman Chudzik, the Polish Catholic Club was founded.


In 1965, an initiative was undertaken to oversee funding for the purpose of acquiring our own Church and Parish Hall.  A committee was formed and was led by Rev. Canon. Boleslaw Dzudzewicz.

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